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Self Audit and Assessments

NSA encourages jails to conduct self-assessments and self-audits in efforts to proactively discover

  • Dysfunction
  • Misconduct
  • Non-Compliance

before litigation, embarrassment, or other harm occurs within a facility. Solid self-assessments and self-audits can help defeat claims of deliberate indifference when coupled with good documentation. Using an affordable, state-of-the-art online system designed specifically for corrections, jail administrators can conduct thorough internal self-audits and assessments according to their own established standards with the ability to manage, track, monitor and follow up on compliance. Through its use, correctional administrators can defend their facilities against lawsuits more successfully than any other resource previously available and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and labor. Additionally, the system may be utilized for training purposes and incorporate additional audits, assessments, contract compliance, and inspection checklists/standards to increase productivity and enhance administrative insight to the well-being of individual departments as a whole.

Hundreds of counties and agencies have implemented and currently use this system since its inception in 2007. It includes a centralized, secure audit component, data collection, corrective action modules and data reports to establish benchmarks, trends and identify program strengths and weaknesses. For more information or to schedule a demo, Contact Us.