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Publication Explores Link Between County Jails, Affordable Care Act

On the heels of the controversial Supreme Court ruling of the Affordable Care Act, The National Association of Counties has produced a publication, titled County Jails and the Affordable Care Act: Enrolling Individuals in Health Coverage, that examines how counties can be involved in enrolling individuals held in county jails who become newly eligible for health insurance coverage in 2014 through the Affordable Care Act. It outlines some of the potential issues and challenges county jail and human services staff may face and also features examples and ideas for developing enrollment strategies and processes.

NOTE: The conclusions contained in the NACO publication and the content therein is not endorsed by NSA or NIJO and is being passed along as "information only" and is not mandated or required in any way. Rather, it reflects the opinions and interests of NACO, its publisher.

To access the NACO publication, see the attached file. We have also included the 193 page Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act for reference.

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