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Legal-Based Jail Training Guidelines

Inmates in jails and prisons comprise less than 1% of the US population, but by 1995 were responsible for more than 20% of the civil filings in the Federal courts – a reality prompting Congress to pass the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA). While PLRA has reduced the frivolous filings of prisoners, there are still tens of thousands of suits filed each year, and there is an enormous body of law to which officials must be compliant. Correctional facilities and their administrators are responsible to know the federal law, circuit court rulings and state statutes applicable to their agencies. Without knowing the law, correctional agencies cannot be confident in defending its policy, procedure and training. In order to address the need for jails to remain current with and keep updated to these necessities, legal-based Jail Training Guidelines were created. The National Institute for Jail Operations promotes these guidelines as a means to assist sheriffs and jail administrators to create a safer, more secure environment while protecting against liability and adverse publicity. For more information about the guidelines, National Institute for Jail Operations or if you would like to participate, Contact Us.