The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to decide whether banning an inmate's beard violates religious freedom.  Learn more about this case coming out of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals from Arkansas and its significance for those who operate correctional institutions.Learn More
Too often the great successes that are happening in jails across the country go unnoticed and unpublicized.  We salute those agencies and administrations proactively working to produce positive changes.  CURRENT HIGHLIGHT:  Harris County Jail, TexasLearn More
The FCC has proposed new regulations limiting telephone calling rates for inmates.  As proposed currently, the regulations would drastically affect jails.Learn More
There is much confusion among jails and administrators regarding PREA.  While compliance to the Act is required, the DOJ PREA standards are NOT mandatory for jails. Learn More



How up-to-date is your current policy and procedure to current case law in your facility?: